Midweek Wake-Up

March 11th, 2020

Looking at both the trials of Jesus and Peter on Sunday, it can be rather frightening to grasp and understand how much we’re like Peter.  While we have the intentions that Peter did, claiming that we’ll never leave or forsake

Jesus, the slightest temptations can throw us off course.  While Peter had claimed he’d die with Jesus if he had too, the questions of a servant girl throw him into denial.  All the bravado was gone.  One can only imagine, what Peter must have felt, as across the courtyard, Jesus’ gaze locked on his eyes after the 3rd denial.

Peter could not withstand his trial, denying his Lord three times as fear overtook him.  The good news for Peter, and for you and I, is that Jesus withstood his trial.  Silently, as the lamb before it’s shearers, Jesus drank the cup you and I should have drunk.  The good news for Peter, and for you and I is that by resolving to do the will of the Father, Jesus saves you and I.

This passage is such incredibly great news for us.  How many times have we not felt like Peter?  Feeling like we’ve denied Christ, failed to follow him wherever failed to speak out about our beliefs, failed to be faithful to the gospel.  The good news in all of this is the good news of the gospel.  That we’re saved by Christ’s goodness and faithfulness, not our own.

James Edwards writes “the church can be honest about sin, even the sins of an apostate apostle, because it so convinced of grace”.  That is the question for us this morning NSC, are you convinced of God’s grace?

This morning, as you ponder your own weakness, before the perfection of our Saviour, I pray you will be so convinced of grace.  Able to look at ourselves as we really are, and then gaze upon the beauty of Christ, with affections turned towards him!

Pastor Al


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